burster takes over displacement sensor production from TKM

By October 1, 2005 TKM Microelectronic Germany sold its displacement sensor division to burster Germany. This step allows TKM in the future to focus better on its core business in the field of projecting communication engineering.

burster Germany, who is known as manufacturer of manifold sensors as well as measurement and test equipment, hereby strengthens its program of in-house manufactured displacement sensors with the goal to respond more flexible to market and customer demands. The established product range, consisting of displacement transducers with a compact 8 mm body diameter and of standard displacement sensors with 20 mm outer diameter in the measuring ranges of 0…1 mm up to 0…150 mm and with integrated analysis electronics, will be further manufactured without any changes. In addition to that burster now will be able to cover customer demands of smaller quantities in special measuring ranges and with modified output signals. Thus the client has access to a broad range of displacement sensors with potentiometric, incremental or inductive measuring principle, according to his specific measurement needs.

For the display and evaluation of the measuring signals burster carries indicators, Profibus measuring modules and precision measurement devices for versatile applications. The in-house DKD Calibration Laboratory provides retraceable calibration certificates, according to the user’s quality requirements.


Product Responsibility:
Joachim Legat
Phone: (+49) 07224-645-57

Marketing / Press:
Christina Strohm
Phone: (+49) 07224-645-85

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      BRAND NEW:
      Portable high-precision calibrator and tester for mechanical and electrical measurements



      ONE DEVICE - Endless options


      1. Device test /
        strain gauge simulator
      2. Reference measurement chain
      3. Sensor test
      4. Linearity < ± 0.001% F.S.
      5. Automatic sensor recognition
      6. Practical calibration software
      7. DAkkS calibration certificate by request


      Smart, robust, traceable
      and precise ...
      Simply unrivalled!


      Portable high-precision calibrator and tester for mechanical and electrical measurements
      TRANS CAL 7281