4506, 4506 S Precision Pt100 simulator

Precision Pt100 simulator for high precise checking and calibrating of measurement and control devices, compact and easy to use

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      • Features

        • 24 set temperature values
        • Calibration per DIN EN 60751
        • Resistor material: MANGANIN®, TK ≤ 10 ppm/K
        • Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000
        • Available with DKD Certificate if required
      • Product data

        Model 4506, 4506S
        Pt100 simulation range

        -100 °C
        -50 °C
        -30 °C
        -10 °C
        ±0 °C
        +10 °C
        +20 °C
        +40 °C
        +60 °C
        +80 °C
        +100 °C
        +110 °C
        +130 °C
        +150 °C
        +170 °C
        +190 °C
        +220 °C
        +250 °C
        +280 °C
        +300 °C
        +350 °C
        +400 °C
        +450 °C
        +500 °C

        4506 S
        Please fill the 24 values into "Order of 4506 S" under "Downloads". Any value in the range between -100 °C ... +850 °C is possible.

        Measurement accuracy ± (0.082 + 0.0003 x t) in °C
        Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000 simulation


        4506 S
        Pt500, Pt1000

        Ni100, Ni1000 simulation No
        Supply voltage Passive


        Specific characteristics

        • 24 set temperature values
        • Calibration per DIN EN 60751
        • Resistor material: MANGANIN®, TK ≤ 10 ppm/K
      • Description

        The precision Pt100 simulator is used wherever measuring instruments or controlling systems have to be tested or calibrated with great precision.

        The standard version model 4506 simulates 24 set temperature values. Totally different temperature ranges are required in the case of special applications, such as in the food industry, the medical science etc. Model 4506 S is recommended for these applications and can be fitted with 24 temperature values according to customer specifications.

        A distinctive feature of these simulators is their simple operation. The resistance values required for simulation are directly set in °C. There is no need to use loof-up tables. 
        Today in many cases a certificate is needed more than ever force measurements. 
        This certificate is available under order code 45DKD-.. .

        The unit consits a high-quality switch with precision wire-wound resistors made of MANGANIN®. Installed in a handy and sturdy metal case. In DIN EN 6075 standard values for resistance thermometers (Pt100). 24 pre temperature values are simulated using the selector switch accordance with. The simulated resistance value, corresponding in its value to the individually set temperature, is picked up at the “RSim”output socket. The four-wire connecting system permits the connection of a separate current and voltage path. Therefore supply line resistance is eliminated and does not appear in the measurements.

        The 24 temperatures are chosen to provide several calibration points suitable for most measuring instruments. The resistors are carefully artificial aged before trimming. This special process and trimming about half the tolerance guarantee a long-term stability of < 0.01 % for years. The material used for the resistors, MANGANIN®, has a temperature coefficient of less than 10 ppm/K. Because of this, there is no need to take care about the ambient temperature.

        NTC and other measurements of resistance in ranges up to 100 kΩ are possible.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
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