DIGISTANT® 4423 Documenting universal calibrator

Product no longer available.

We recommend DIGISTANT® 4420 and/or TRANS CAL 7281 depending on your application.

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    Model 4423
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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    burster praezisionsmesstechnik will stop selling the Universal Calibrator DIGISTANT® 4423 and Pressure Calibrator Modules series 7132 from 1st of August 2016.

    Alternatively we would like to offer you
    Universal Calibrator DIGISTANT® 4420-V001;
    High Precision Calibration Source DIGISTANT® 4462 or
    the mobile high-precision calibrator and testing device TRANS CAL 7281.

    Please note that there is no complete compatibility to DIGISTANT® 4423.

    Indications on Alternative Calibrators
    • DIGISTANT® 4420-V001 Universal Calibrator and Measurement Unit for voltage, current, temperature and resistance
    • DIGISTANT® 4462 High Precision Calibration Source for voltage, current and thermocouple
    • TRANS CAL 7281 Mobile High-Precision Calibrator and Testing Device for mechanical and electrical measurements.

    Our service department will be able to offer a limited support for the discontinued products.

    Recalibrations (DKD/DAkkS or Works Calibration Certificate) can still be effected.

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