1406, 1407 High-precision resistance decade and calibrator

Temperature coefficient ≤ 10 ppm/K, long-term stability < 0.02 % over years

  • Features

    • Range 1406: 10 mΩ to 100 kΩ
    • Range 1407: 100 mΩ to 1 MΩ
    • Temperature coefficient ≤ 10 ppm/K
    • Stability < 0.02 %
  • Product data

    Model 1406, 1407
    Resistance range

    10 x 0.01 Ω
    10 x 0.1 Ω
    10 x 1 Ω
    10 x 10 Ω
    10 x 100 Ω
    10 x 1 kΩ
    10 x 10 kΩ

    10 x 0.1 Ω
    10 x 1 Ω
    10 x 10 Ω
    10 x 100 Ω
    10 x 1 kΩ
    10 x 10 kΩ
    10 x 100 kΩ

    Tolerance from 0.02 %
    Temperature coefficient ≤ 10 ppm/K
    Storage stability < 0.02 % over years
    Power 4 W / Decade
    Range of operating temperature +5 ... +50 °C
    Interfaces No
    Specific characteristics


    • Range from 10 mΩ to 111,11 kΩ


    • Range from 100 mΩ to 1,1111MΩ
  • Description

    The range of application for the high-precision resistance decades models 1406 and 1407 stretches from reference standard for precision measurements up to simulation ot a host of measuring transducers.

    They can be used for control in complicated equipments and systems, such as equivalent circuit in resistor networks. Another application is the use in switching circuits, as reproducible variable in laboratory and test assemblies. The decade resistors meet all the requirements of these differing functions as well as the resulting demands.

    The high-precision resistance decades models 1406 and 1407 are designed to meet the highest demands with regard to precision, temperature and long-term consistency. Many years at experience, tried-and-tested technology and the use of fieldproven materials guarantee the high level of precision. The decade resistors consist of low-capacity and low inductance wire windings of MANGANIN®.

    The low temperature coefficient of this material, the low error tolerance of the resistors and the long-term stability achieved through careful artificial ageing are the guarantee for reliable conformity with the technical specifications for these decade resistors. 

    A specially developed precision stepping switch with high quality contact material and optimal brush construction guarantee very good reproducibility. The contacts are self-cleaning and virtually free of thermoelectric power. All 7 decade resistor stages are contained in an attractive sheet steel casing. The casing acts as screen against electromagnetic and electrostatic interference. lt is conductively connected to the earth socket on the front panel. The decade resistor, designed for use on the work or laboratory bench, can also be installed in a 19"-rack using two angle brackets.

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