OEM sensors for Machine Manufacturers

eg. for measuring the internal tool pressure

Measuring the internal pressure in hydraulically operated clamping tools

Job description

Information Technology Specialist

Specialization: system integration

Length of training 3 years
Format of training Two-center training between company and technical college
Final examination IHK examination project and final written examination
Further info

Training centers

1. Company

In the company, the apprentice will build upon and reinforce what he/she has learnt in college.

Areas of work in the company

  • Implementing the IT structure
  • Maintaining the IT structure
  • Testing and installing software and training the end user
  • Testing new operating systems
  • Using modern means of communication (Internet etc.)
  • Trouble-shooting
2. Technical college

Basic theoretical training takes place in the technical college. Tuition will provide a basic  grounding in technical and business management topics. In addition, the student learns about project management and presentation techniques.

College subjects

German, English, Economics, Business Studies, Social Studies, Information Technology, Software Development, practical lessons and Religious Education

Work experience

The vocational training of the IT specialist may seem dry and theoretical at first glance, but the student later gets to put theory into practice. The job is highly varied and involves a large number of different activities. The challenges of implementing client and server projects keep the day-to-day operations of our IT department interesting.

Job opportunities after training

  • Service offices
  • Customer Service / Advice
  • IT department

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      Amplifier module 9250
      Bus controller 9251

      • Outstanding system with up to 8 modules, expandable fieldbus interface via the bus controller
      • Supports Ethernet based fieldbuses as PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP or I/O interface

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