Job description

Technical Procurement Officer

Length of training 2.5 years
Format of training Two-center training between company and technical college
Final examination IHK examination project and final written examination
Further info

Training centers

1. Company

In the company, the apprentice will build upon and reinforce what he/she has learnt in college

Areas of work in the company

  • Obtaining, checking and comparing quotes
  • Handling payment and dunning transactions
  • Assessing business transactions and calculating and analyzing operating profit figures
  • Recruitment mechanisms
  • Selecting and using external and internal information sources
  • Applying marketing strategies and participating in marketing action
  • Handling queries, advising customers, drawing up quotations
2. Technical college

Basic theoretical training takes place in the technical college. Tuition will provide a grounding in business management topics. In addition, the student learns about project management and presentation techniques.

College subjects

Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Project Management, Data Processing, Social Studies, German, English, Religious Education

Work experience

During his/her training to become a Technical Procurement Officer, he/she will pass through all the departments of the training company. This provides an opportunity to see which departments and jobs most closely match the interests and aptitudes of the trainee. The trainee will ultimately gain a complete insight into the operational and administrative structures of a company.

Job opportunities after training

  • Purchasing
  • Financial Accounting and Controlling
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales

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