RESISTOMAT® 2320 Portable battery-operated milliohmmeter

Automatic measuring range selection, temperature compensation, resolution up to 10 µΩ, accuracy 0.05 % rdg.

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      • Features

        • Measuring ranges from 40 mΩ to 4 kΩ
        • Resolution up to 10 μΩ
        • Measuring accuracy 0.05 % Rdg.
        • Autorange
        • Temperature compensation
        • Bipolar measurement
        • Input voltage protection up to 415 Vrms
      • Product data

        Model 2320
        Measuring range

        40.00 mΩ
        400.0 mΩ
        4.000 Ω
        40.00 Ω
        400.0 Ω
        4.000 kΩ


        10 μΩ
        100 μΩ
        1 mΩ
        10 mΩ
        100 mΩ
        1 Ω

        Measurement accuracy < ± 0.05 % rdg.
        Measurement display 4000 counts
        Automatic temperature compensation Yes
        Comparator No
        Interfaces No
        Specific characteristics

        • Autorange
        • Temperature compensation
        • Bipolar measurement
        • Input voltage protection up to 415 Vrms
      • Description

        The RESISTOMAT® model 2320 is a universally applicable and easy to operate measurement device for low-ohmic resistances. The light and handy device in a stable IP54 plastic housing with membrane keypad is likewise suitable for use in service, laboratory or on the production floor. The power supply is done via built-in rechargeable battery packs or by standard batteries.

        If need be, the temperature of samples can be measured and the sample resistance is subsequently compensated to fit the value at 20°C. This applies for samples with resistances depending on the sample’s temperature. The temperature coefficients for copper and aluminium are included as standard. A third and fourth coefficient may be set individually for any given material to be measured.

        The application range is manifold, such as measurement of:

        • resistance elements
        • plug connections
        • power rails
        • fuses
        • cable connections
        • transformers
        • electrical motors
        • cable and wire, and many more

        The 4-wire measurement configuration eliminates possible errors caused by test lead and contact resistance. This is the basis for resistance measurements in the mΩ range. The resistance value calculated in the current voltage method is then indicated on the large LCD display in mΩ, Ω or kΩ.

        Single as well as permanent measurements are possible whereby the 6 measurement ranges can be selected in manual or automatic mode. The standard resistance value at 20 °C is calculated and displayed if the temperature compensation is active. The measured temperature may also be displayed directly.

        Thermo voltages are eliminated by the bipolar current source and the calculation of the mean value (key AVE).

        Low battery charge is informed through the LED "LOBAT". The battery pack can be replaced in a very simple manner. Recharging is done in an external station.

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        Data sheet
        Further info
      • Accessories

        pdf Pt100 sensor for plug-in
        pdf Rechargeable battery pack with external docking station and charger
        pdf Carrying bag
        pdf 5 pin connector for Pt100 input

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