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Flange torque sensor with optical data transmission

The measurement specialists at burster have developed an inexpensive torque sensor with an inductive power supply that is also insensitive to EMC interference thanks to optical data transmission. The sensor Model 8675 consists of a rotor flange with…

3D sensor for force and torque measurement

Today, single-arm robots are used for a wide variety of tasks. The ability to precisely measure forces and torques that occur directly on the arm opens up many more possibilities. In assembly processes, for example, the measured values can be used to…

Milliohmmeter for inline testing

Resistance measurement is an important quality control factor in many fields. With battery pack contact terminals – whether in electromobility, power tools or communication electronics – contact resistances in the milliohm range provide information…

Battery measuring module for automated production testing

Combining multiple battery cells of the same type to form a battery assembly is a challenge that can be compared to making a chain: both are only as strong as the weakest link. In the series production of batteries for e-mobility, large-scale energy…

Fast digital networking for sensors

In modern automation concepts, digitization poses special challenges all the way down to the sensor. Design and space constraints or harsh environments often require sensors without integrated evaluation electronics. In this case, smart…

One calibration source, six measured variables

Measuring instruments and transducers have to be precisely calibrated for the respective measuring ranges before use, and in commercial applications they also require periodic recalibration. Often this calls for several high-precision calibration…

Torque sensors for every application

Torques have to be measured in both production and assembly, and again in quality control. burster – the precision measurement technology specialists (see company boxed text) – offer a range of sensors starting with the smallest torques of a few…

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