Subminiature Tension and Compression Load Cells for Sensitive Force Measurement at Delicate Places

Tension and compression load cells series 8416 and 8417 from burster are already thousandfold proven in most varied applications. They are also available in smallest measuring ranges of 0 … 20 N up to 0 … 50 N they ideally suit for tasks in the precision mechanics field, the watchmaking industry or in measurement device construction. The load cells are available ex stock up to a measuring range of 0 … 5000 N. With an outside diameter of just 8 resp. 9 mm the load cells excellently qualify for integration into small, restricted and tight structures. The sensor body’s minimal weight of only 2 g enables its application to light-weight and delicate components. Also mounting the load cells to moving and vibrating elements causes no problems as the small additional mass doesn’t change the vibration behaviour of machine parts significantly.

Despite their miniaturization the sensors remain extremely industry-compliant components with resistant and robot-capable cable connection including strain relief, good measuring quality and an operating temperature range of 0 … 80 °C.  Besides the standard version especially the subminiature tension compression load cell model 8417 is built in many customized versions. Customizing possibilities include unequally sized fastening screw threads or combinations of left-hand/right-hand threads as well as cable connections centrically through the thread axis, special cable lengths, standardization of the nominal value or increased temperature compensated range.

Whereas compression load cell 8416 with its flat design predestines for its use in micro-technology or measuring tasks in the field of research and development, tension compression load cell 8417 can be integrated mechanically in Bowden pull wires, cables and tension rods. Further it can be used to measure compressive forces. For example it is possible with the aid of correspondingly equipped handling devices to monitor connection and release forces of plug-in contacts, to check adjusting forces on levers or to classify springs in compression and tension direction.

All sensors are supplied including a test certificate. Optionally also a Works or DKD Calibration Certificate can be issued for the load cells. Evaluation electronics with display, analog and digital outputs, comparators, peak-value memories etc. are available in the burster product range for connection to these load cells.

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