Battery measuring module for automated production testing High-performance and safe battery cells thanks to 100% inline checking

Combining multiple battery cells of the same type to form a battery assembly is a challenge that can be compared to making a chain: both are only as strong as the weakest link. In the series production of batteries for e-mobility, large-scale energy storage, communication electronics or industrial vehicles, sometimes tens of thousands of cells have to be individually tested with the greatest possible speed and precision. For optimum storage duration and service life, and to meet strict quality requirements, only cells of equal performance may be used. Now the measurement technology specialists at burster offer a new, fieldbus-compatible high-speed Battery Measuring Module for automatic production testing of high-performance batteries and battery packs made up of round, prismatic or pouch cells. The compact 2511 module is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments directly on production lines, and is designed for single or multi-channel operation. The all-in-one device can test up to five individual cells simultaneously in just a few milliseconds, determining and evaluating significant battery parameters by measuring the internal AC and DC resistance and battery voltage. Intuitive PC software for parameterization and configuration via Ethernet/USB provides flexible measurement and evaluation modes for 100% inline testing in volume production.

Adapt test parameters

The 2511 Battery Measuring Module determines various electrical parameters with the greatest precision using the four-wire measuring method. Parameters can then be combined into specific test programs. Impedance is typically measured at 1 kHz, but 1 Hz, 20 Hz and 100 Hz frequencies are optionally available as well. Resistance measurement ranges are 0 to 10 mOhm, 0 to 30 mOhm and 0 to 100 mOhm; open-circuit and module voltage measurement covers the ranges 0 to 5 V DC. Temperature can be measured in a range from -40 to +80 °C. Cells and battery packs can therefore also be tested under extreme conditions, if required. Different housing and mounting options allow flexible integration of the IP54 module into practically any factory via Profinet. For intensive quality control or troubleshooting – e.g. in development – further measurement modules are available in the form of the 2550 battery controller or 2560 battery tester.

All components are compatible with proven burster products. With a full portfolio of high-precision sensors, RESISTOMATohmmeters, instrumentation amplifiers / fieldbus controllers and DIGIFORCE analysis instruments, the entire range is perfectly suited to battery measurement and delivers highly accurate measurement results within the shortest cycle times.

About burster

burster supplies measuring technology ranging from individual sensors to system solutions. Its customers are mainly in mechanical and plant engineering, automation, the automotive industry and its suppliers, electrical and electronic engineering and the chemicals industry. The range includes measuring instruments and testers as well as standard sensors for mechanical and electrical measured values, such as load cells, pressure, torque and displacement sensors, milli- and megohmmeters, and resistance decade boxes. In addition, individual custom OEM solutions are possible, including for many other sectors and future markets such as medical engineering and biotechnology. Many years of experience in designing and building measuring instruments and sensors guarantee optimum solutions every time. Developed and manufactured in Germany, burster sensors, amplifiers and transmitter modules, precision instruments and measuring systems for sensor signal processing are shipped to customers all around the world.

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