88600 Precision angle of rotation sensor

Robust, precise, high resolution, maintenance-free, contact-free transmission, integrated amplifier, very low inertia moment

  • Features

    • Measurement ranges up to 160°
    • Non-linearity from ± 0.05 % F.S.
    • Contact-free transmission
    • Integrated amplifier
    • Robust, maintenance-free
    • Very low inertia moment
    • Special versions by request
  • Product data

    Model 88600
    Principle Capacitive, without contact rings
    Measuring range

    ± 40 °
    0 … + 80 °
    0 … - 80 °
    ± 80°
    0 … + 160 °
    0 … - 160 °

    Signal output 100 mV/° or 50 mV/°
    Protection class IP40
    Range of operating temperature 0 ... +75 °C
    Supply voltage 15 V DC
    Electrical connection Connector 5 pin
    Continuous rotation possible Yes
    Displacement speed 1440°/s
    Specific characteristics

    • Non-linearity from ± 0.05 % F.S.
    • Contact-free transmission
    • Integrated amplifier
    • Robust, maintenance-free
    • Very low inertia moment
    • Special versions by request
  • Description

    The 88600 series combines the precision of expensive optical angle encoders with high resolution and an analog output, without being subject to the restricted applications of potentiometric angle sensors.

    Typical applications:

    • Position feedback in servo-systems
    • Zero detectors
    • Pendulum weighing machines
    • Cam and butterfly flap positions
    • Twist angles
    • Angular actuators
    • Optical angle measurements
    • Jockey roller controllers

    This capacitive DC/DC angle displacement sensor with integrated amplifier only requires a DC voltage for a power supply and delivers an output voltage that is proportional to the angular position of the shaft. The shaft can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise with a permissible angular speed of up to 18,000 °/s (option).

    A highly accurate differential rotary capacitor is used to convert the angle into an electrical voltage. The integrated electronics consists of an oscillator, demodulator and amplifier. It can display the measurement signal directly or can, for instance, pass it to process monitoring equipment.

    Power supply and transmission of measured signals is without contact within the sensor. Operation is therefore maintenance-free. The precision roller bearings used give the sensor a long service life.

    Parts that are important for the function are made from material with no internal stresses and protected against corrosion.

    Mounting instructions

    The three threaded holes on the front plate (shaft side) allow the sensor to be mounted in any position. To determine the angular position of the measuring range, the shaft has a reference groove and the front face a reference hole (see rear).

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet

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