DigiVision PC software for the acquisition of measuring data

Our powerful DigiVision PC software supports a large range of measuring devices and sensors with USB output to provide analysis, display and documentation of the diverse process and test information used in research and development, quality assurance and production. It is available in a choice of expansion levels, supporting up to 32 measurement channels, and offers innovative functions such as calibration tools, configurable graphical and measured-value displays and automatic device detection. DLL and LabVIEW drivers are available free of charge.

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      • Features

        • Convenient sensor/device search and detection
        • Intuitive operation thanks to clear, well-designed layout of the user interface
        • Automatic adoption of sensor and device data
        • Easy sensor and device parameterization via logic inputs
        • Simultaneous recording and display of up to 32 measurements
        • Documentation of measurements and archiving of measurement reports
        • Data export to Excel
        • Creation of device-specific backup files
        • Formula editor for custom formulae
        • Mathematical calculations using virtual measurement channels
        • Display facility for all scientific functions
        • User management for assigning access permissions
        • Remote control via controller communication (RS232, Ethernet)
        • Continuous or single-value measurement
        • Choice of trigger functions
      • Product data

        Model DigiVision
        Sample rate

        • 200 measurements/s
          DigiVision model 9206-P001
        • 1200 measurements/s
          DigiVision model 9206-P100/P200
        Measurement channels Up to 32 simultaneous measurements
        Can be used with the following types of burster devices

        • 9163 Sensor Master
        • 9180 Digital Indicator
        • 9181 DIGIMASTER
        • 9205 USB sensor interface
        • 9206 USB sensor interface
        • 9250 Universal Instrumentation Amplifier
        • 9251 Fieldbus Controller
        • 8201N / 8201H High precision pressure transducer
        • 8625 Precision torque sensor
        • 8630 Precision torque sensor
        • 8631 Precision torque sensor
        • 8655 Torque sensor
        • 8656 Precision torque sensor
        • 8661 Precision torque sensor
        • 8739 LVDT transducer
      • Description

        DigiVision offers innovative functions such as practical calibration tools, configurable single-channel or multichannel views for displaying both measurement curves and values, and custom zoom functions. With a choice of trigger functions, every application has a wealth of options for activating data acquisition. Important performance features include automatic device detection, device-parameter backup and archiving of measurement data in Excel or raw data format.

        In the world of production and quality assurance, coping with an ever increasing variety of software is part of daily life. Operating several different instruments at once is easier if each device can be operated in the same way. All burster indicators and USB sensor interfaces are equipped with the DigiVision PC software. This data-acquisition and configuration software even supports indicator units purchased years ago. Any devices without an interface card can be upgraded quickly and easily for compatibility with this powerful and inexpensive analysis and visualization tool.

        DigiVision features a straightforward user interface with a clear layout. Thanks to DigiVision's intuitive operation, preparing a measurement system for use can be done quickly and reliably. Clear and transparent displays of measurement curves and values for up to 32 measurement channels along with extra process and test information help the user to grasp the full picture of the measurement in progress. With a range of trigger functions, the user can tailor the measurement process to fit the application. By combining all device types, custom solutions for measurement tasks can be created that incorporate existing or prospective electronic instrumentation.

        Important performance features include automatic device detection, device-parameter backup and archiving of measurement data in Excel or raw data format. Information crucial to traceability, such as serial number, batch and accompanying data, is saved in measurement reports. Since the raw data is available as a text file, users can create custom plug-ins for processing this data further.

        The integral controller communications interface for connecting to a higher-level controller via RS232 or Ethernet can be used not just for starting and stopping measurements but also for transferring and retrieving documentation data. For instance, it can be used to check whether serial numbers have been transferred correctly to DigiVision. The interface provides a simple way of integrating DigiVision in the automated production process for measurement-data acquisition and archival. An Internet update service ensures that the latest software is always available.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Further info
      • Application Examples

        Monitoring atmospheric conditions

        in the calibration laboratory

        Motor testing

        fast dynamic response, low torque, reliable measurement

        Torque measurements

        on an industrial fan

        Torque measurements

        using a dual-range sensor in a test setup

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