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5501 5501 Force displacement monitored hand lever press A complete manual workstation consisting of a press, sensors and analysis electronics, assembled, calibrated and ready to use These side lever

ForceMaster 9110  

… presses hand lever press 9110 smart card auto configuration usb automatic sensor identification 5501-Z004 8552 8713 9110-V0101 99221-591A-0090030 9900-K333 9900-K349 9910-Z001 9110-Z002 9110-Z003 9900-V245…

8431, 8432  

8431, 8432 8431;8432 Miniature tension and compression load cell Small dimensions, highly accurate, non-sensitive to disturbances, simple  introduction of force, minimum lateral sensitivity, for


DIGISTANT® 4462 4462 High-precision calibration source for voltage, current and thermocouple High precision calibration source DIGISTANT® for voltage,current and thermocouples, for precise test and


DIGISTANT® 4463 4463 High-precision multifunction calibrator for voltage, current, thermocouples, RTDs, resistance and frequency Our calibration source is the smart, convenient and


RESISTOMAT® 2304 2304 High-precision automatic inspection and test unit for electrical resistance testing Measuring error ≤ 0,01 %, resolution up to 1 nΩ, standard interfaces IEEE488, RS232, RS485,


& Zubehör für Megohmmeter Typen 24508, 2408 Direktkontakt 07224/645 -19 oder -44 Typ 2408-Z004 Schutzring-Messzelle Typ 2408-Z004 für die Messung des Isolationswiderstandes RD und des


Accessories for Megohmmeter Models 24508 and 2408 Model 2408-Z004 Measurement cell model 2408-Z004 with Guard-ring for measuring of the resistance RD and specific resistance ρD (resistivity) of


& Zubehör für Drehmomentsensor Typ 8645/8646 Typ 8645-Z00X Direktkontakt 07224/645 -45 oder -78 8645-Z003 8645-Z004 Der Halter ermöglicht eine unkomplizierte und schnelle Fixierung des Sensors.


Accessories for torque sensor model 8645/8646 Model 8645-Z00X The bracket allows a rapid and simple fastening of the sensor. 8645-Z003 8645-Z004 8645-Z003 - suitable for measuring ranges up to

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