DIGIFORCE® 9310 Press-fit-, jointing and clinching monitor - Product Discontinuation from 1st Jan. 2019

Low-priced clinching and jointing monitor, graphic display of press-fit curves, curve evaluation using flexible respectively envelope curve technology and tendency tracking, network connection via Ethernet, RS485 or PROFIBUS (optional)

  • Features

    • Especially economical press-fit and process monitoring
    • For manual workstations and automated systems
    • 8 measurement programs for 8 different parts
    • For strain gauges, piezo, potentiometric sensors and process signals
    • Network connection via Ethernet, RS485 or PROFIBUS
    • Graphic display of press-fit curve
    • Curve evaluation using flexible window respectively envelope curve technology and tendency tracking
    • Transparent operating concept even for inexperienced staff
    • Control via parallel I/O ports or PROFIBUS
    • Multi-channel expandability
    • Optionally clinch point control with acquisition and evaluation of remaining plate thickness
    • Application convenient housing designs available, as front-panel meter, desktop and cabinet mounted version
    • User-oriented PC data acquisition software DigiControl
  • Product data

    Model 9310
    Measurement channels 2
    Max. amount of active measurement channels 2
    Type of sensor
    • Strain gauge
    • Potentiometer
    • Process signal analog
    • Piezo
    Measurement accuracy < 0.5 % F.S.
    Fieldbus interfaces
    • I/O-Ports
    • RS232
    • RS485
    • Ethernet
    Max. amount of measurement programs 8
    Evaluation time 90 ms
    Automatic sensor identification No
    Autoconfiguration No
    • Numerical
    • Graphical
    Acoustic and optic error indication No / Yes
    Data logging Yes
    Components counter Yes
    Specific characteristics
    • Especially economical press-fit and process monitoring
    • For manual workstations and automated systems
    • For strain gauges, piezo, potentiometric sensors and process signals
  • Description

    DIGIFORCE® 9310 covers areas of application which, for financial reasons, have not allowed continuous forcedisplacement monitoring thus far. In the past, use has been made here of simpler systems which, for example, indicate the quality of joints purely on the basis of the maximum press-in force applied. Obviously, such methods can provide misleading results.

    From manual workstations to fully automated production lines, the DIGIFORCE® 9310 is the ideal tool for monitoring force/displacement curves in press-insertion, joining, riveting and clinch processes. Thanks to the versatile window and envelope technology used to monitor the process, it is easy to keep an eye on critical factors such as operating mistakes, out-of-tolerance components, missing parts or even incomplete process operations. In addition to the main function of ultra-fast OK/NOK classification, the DIGIFORCE® 9310 also provides quality-relevant result values. Even during the process, live signals enable an immediate response to unusual measurements so that countermeasures can be taken immediately, for instance retracting a press.

    The different housing designs as panel meter, desktop and snap rail versions of our DIGIFORCE® series enable the user trouble-free integration in almost every process environment.

    Decentralized single control systems or multi-channel monitoring lines such as those often required in simultaneously working press-fit stations, can now be realized even more economically using the new switch gear cabinet modules for example.

    In addition to data backup and parameterization, the useroriented PC software DigiControl permits archiving, displaying and recording of measuring curves and process data for single and multi-channel applications.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
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    Because every hit counts. DIGIFORCE® - Precision meets speed.

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  • Press information

    Ethernet-Working, Low-Cost and Modular Press-Fit Control DIGIFORCE® 9310

    burster expands its successful product family DIGIFORCE® 9310 by an extremely well-priced, modular and independently working process controller for press-fit control processes. The cabinet-mounted module DIGIFORCE® 9310 uses Ethernet as communication...

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