8739 LVDT transducer with IN-LINE amplifier

Small sensor with a diameter of only 8 mm for installation into restricted structures, vibration-proof and wear resistant, internal IN-LINE amplifier, for direct measuring of displacement and indirect measuring of convertable mechanical values

  • Features

    • Ranges from 0 … 1 mm to 0 ... 25 mm
    • Non-linearity 0.25 % F.S.
    • Sensor diameter 8 mm
    • Vibration and wear free
    • Output 0 ... 10 V
    • Optional output 0 ... 5 V, ± 5 V, 4 ... 20 mA
    • Sensor with or without IN-LINE amplifier
  • Product data

    Model 8739
    Principle Inductive
    Measuring range

    0 … 1 mm
    0 … 2 mm
    0 … 5 mm
    0 … 10 mm
    0 … 25 mm (without return spring)

    Signal output

    0 ... 10 V
    0 ... 5 V
    ±5 V
    4 ... 20 mA
    10 ... 0 V
    5 ... 0 V

    Protection class IP60
    Range of operating temperature -20 ... +80 °C
    Excitation voltage 13,5 ... 28 VDC
    Electrical connection

    Shielded PVC cable

    Return spring Yes

    With threaded sleeve M12 x 1.75
    Tip not glued

    Specific characteristics

    • Sensor diameter 8 mm
    • Vibration and wear free
    • Sensor with or without IN-LINE amplifier
    • Optional protection class IP65
  • Description

    Inductive displacement sensors of this series measure linear displacements and indirectly all mechanical values convertible into displacements by additional equipment (i.e. tension and compression forces, extension, torque, vibration). The sensor body equipped with a connector has an outer diameter of only 8 mm and therefore is especially well suitable for the integration in dimensionally restricted structures.

    Typical application fields are displacement and extension measurements on

    • Machines
    • Servo systems
    • Motor vehicles
    • Test benches
    • Production plants

    The cylindrical case made of stainless steel, houses a differential transformer (LVDT). It consists of a primary and two secondary coils with axially moveable core. A displacement of this core changes the magnetic induction of the coils. The INLINE carrier frequency amplifier converts the displacement into a direct proportional electrical DC voltage.

    The transducer is constructed as a probe at which within the measuring range a spring pushes the probe tip towards the measuring object. Bellows protect the mechanical guidance of the probe tip against pollution and splash water.

    The IN-LINE amplifier is integrated in the connector cable and adjusted specifically to the sensor. Both components form a unit while they can be separated for mounting purposes (miniature plug connection at the transducer). The use of not harmonized components may lead to increased measurement errors. For the IN-LINE amplifier version the sensor body is galvanically isolated from the excitation and from the measuring signal.

    Lateral forces decrease the durability.

  • Data Sheet & Downloads

    Data sheet
    Operation manual
  • Accessories

    pdf Sensor fixing bracket
    pdf M 12 threaded sleeve
    pdf Sensor holder
    pdf Probe tips

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