OEM sensors for Machine Manufacturers

eg. for measuring the internal tool pressure

Measuring the internal pressure in hydraulically operated clamping tools


Expert knowhow for manifold applications

Recording of cooling curve on motors

or transformers

Dual-range model for measuring start-up and continuous operation characteristics

of geared motors

Automatic mechanical haptics test

on high-quality control elements

Blood pressure measurement made on the eye

Ring load cell

Differential measurement of geometric values

in production and the laboratory

Torque/angle measurement

on vehicle dashboard controls

Torque measurements

on an industrial fan

Torque measurements

in an innovative technique for efficient energy generation

Torque measurements

using a dual-range sensor in a test setup

Torque measurement

on hinges

Torque measurement on a fill facility

with monitoring and controlling system

Torque monitoring

for screw connections in titanium dental implants

Electrical testing of stators

for electric motors

Determining the force distribution in flyovers

miniature pressure transducer model 8230

Flight testing

of a paraglider

Monitoring the crimping process

of rotational symmetric parts

Fill level measuring and level monitoring

in a completed system

Functional testing

of a centre arm rest

Weight measurement

on a fill facility with monitoring and controlling system

Monitoring atmospheric conditions

in the calibration laboratory

Measuring the pressing forces

of rollers

Measuring the punching forces

inside the tool

Measuring the static torque

on tank cap systems

Measuring the static latching torque

for plastic bearings

Measurement of mechanical values

at a completely automated motor vehicle test bed

Measuring pressing forces in machine tools

miniature ring load cell

Measuring pedal operating forces

Load cell

Measurement of meter samples

in the cable industry

Motor testing

fast dynamic response, low torque, reliable measurement

Non-rotating tightening-torque measurement

on electric screwdrivers

Non-rotating torque measurement

on bulk-material filling equipment

Non-rotating torsion measurement

on elastic rubber dampers

Testing for flatness

on a workpiece

Roundness measurement

on an electric motor

Testing the operation

of electric-bike drives

Test of the coil resistance

at motors and generators

Measuring the friction torque

in greased ball bearings

Annular load cell designed to fit the application

using standard sensors

Custom-made annular sensor

created using three miniature compression load cells

Tension measurement

in paper manufacture processes

Measuring the supporting force in utility vehicles

Ring load cell

Testing the anti-pinch protection

in automatic sliding doors or automatic windows

Testing motor starters

Displacement measurement: real-time monitoring

in the plastics industry

Measuring the internal tool pressure

pressure transducer

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