Dual-range model for measuring start-up and continuous operation characteristics

of geared motors

  • Dual-range model
  • Ratio 1:10
  • High precision for both measurement ranges
  • Scaled standard signal output for both measurement ranges
  • No downtimes for sensor replacement
  • Cost savings


In order to improve the electromechanical energy conversion in geared motors in different load scenarios with a view to long operation lives, it is essential to measure mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics in endurance testing.

Specific requirement

During the start-up phase under load, disproportionately high starting torques often arise that lie well above the steady-state load torque.


The dual-range model can be used to measure precisely and reliably the starting torque in the first measurement phase and the steady-state load torque in the second phase. The change to the second measurement range is made by applying a signal level to the switchover channel.

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