Fitting the interior trim

to vehicle doors

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Can be integrated in robot tools
  • Rapid response to very short events
  • Robot-friendly cable


Handling robots fit pre-assembled internal door trims into the plain body coming from the paint shop. These units don’t just consist of the visible shell, but also contain parts such as locks, window winders, controls and, for rear-door trim, also windscreen wiper motor and lighting. The load cells monitor the force with which the individual snap-fit pegs are inserted into the sheet metal, and the actual snap-fit event. Above every position of a snapfit peg, inside the interchangeable robot tool is a load cell with the correct measuring range, ensuring complete data is obtained on the fastening quality at each of the 16 fixing points. The load cell is fitted with a cable suitable for robot use, being designed to withstand numerous movements and friction in the drag chain.

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