Flight testing

of a paraglider

  • Rugged construction
  • Test equipment adds little extra weight
  • Maximum possible safety for the pilot


During flight testing of a paraglider, the pilot flies through a program that includes standard flight situations and situations at the limits of flying capability. The flight test includes measuring the forces that the pilot has to exert during the flight to control and handle the paraglider in a range of situations. These forces are measured at a central point and recorded during the flight.


  • Sensors must be waterproof as protection against fog or rain
  • Simple and safe to handle during the flight
  • Time-triggered data logging
  • Low weight of complete equipment


A burster 8435 load cell with pull plate is fitted in the shackle between the paraglider control lines and the pilot’s handle. The pull plate ensures that the tension forces to be measured are always directed solely along the axis of the device. The portable 7281 tester is carried in the pilot’s rucksack. This unit provides sensor excitation and uses a built-in data logger to record the measured values, which are read out and analysed by the DigiCal PC software after landing.

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