Non-rotating tightening-torque measurement

on electric screwdrivers

  • Extremly low profile
  • Bending moments have little impact on measurement quality
  • Standard square shaft
  • Excellent value for money
  • Suitable for use in harsh conditions thanks to ultra-rugged sensor design


In a simple test station for electric screwdrivers, an 8632 nonrotating torque sensor is used to measure the screw tightening torque M4 to M6 screw connections.

Specific requirement

Einfache Integration des Sensors in manuellen Prüfplatz. 


This is done by embedding the torque sensor in a C-section mount: the external square shaft is inserted into the base plate and held so it cannot rotate, while the sensor body is fixed and aligned in the C-section itself. The various screw sizes are screwed into specially made fixtures, and the maximum tightening torque is measured. The aim is to optimize the torque set in the electric screwdriver to avoid overtightening screws, to optimize downtimes, etc. 

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