Test of the coil resistance

at motors and generators

  • Measuring ranges from 2 mΩ ... 200 kΩ
  • Easy-to-know, delivers spontaneous operation success
  • Highest precision at maximum price performance ratio
  • Simple handling by intuition
  • Sturdy, tough and nearly indestructible keys and housing
  • Menu speaks five languages


Verification of the coil resistance specification.


Measuring of low ohmic inductive test objects with compensation of the temperature coefficient of the specimen.

Input voltage protection for inductance voltages generated when the upon disconnection of the test object.


By using a resistance measurement device from the RESISTOMAT® series temperature compensated coil resistances can be measured with respect to 20 °C. There is the possibility to measure the ambient temperature with a Pt100 temperature sensor or directly to measure the object temperature with an infrared sensor (pyrometer).

The input voltage protection of this instrument is designed for voltages up to 400 Vrms.

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