OEM sensors for Machine Manufacturers

eg. for measuring the internal tool pressure

Measuring the internal pressure in hydraulically operated clamping tools

Torque measurements

on an industrial fan

  • Rugged design
  • Torque/speed/power calculation
  • High measurement accuracy
  • High speed
  • Instantaneous measurement of starting torque


The task is to test the motor performance of an industrial fan used for air purification and ventilation. Similar to testing an engine, this test setup is designed to measure the torque, speed and power.


  • Stable performance in exposed mounting position
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Real-time acquisition of torque and speed
  • PC-based analysis
  • Zero-maintenance operation, ideal for inaccessible installation locations


The 8661 torque sensor is permanently mounted between two couplings: between drive and rotor. These couplings are designed to correct vertical and angular misalignments and differences in length. The torque and speed measurement signals are available to the user for further processing. The optional USB interface can be used with the application-oriented DigiVision software for analysing the measurements. In addition to capturing, visualizing and archiving the measurement data, this software can also be used to calculate the mechanical power.

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