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burster is a family-run medium-sized enterprise based in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Precision, quality and versatility are the standards that have shaped the development of this business over more than fifty years into one of the most important suppliers of precision instruments, sensors and sensor signal processing systems. At the 5000 m² site in Gernsbach near Baden-Baden, burster applies the highest quality standards in its production of components and systems in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015.

burster is now an essential player in the measurement and instrumentation field. But how did this all begin? Small is the answer! Back in 1961, “our burster” started with just two of us. Married couple Hubert and Irmgard Burster had the courage and vision to forge an enterprise that today is justifiably called a global operator in high-tech manufacturing. After studying Precision Engineering, Hubert Burster was employed as a Development Engineer and later as a Sales Engineer in responsible positions at SIEMENS in Karlsruhe. Using the meagre start-up capital from their rented Karlsruhe apartment, and equipped with just a car and portable typewriter, the founding couple took the plunge in 1961 and launched their sales company for electrical precision instruments.

Lack of space led to a change in location via Ettlingen to Gernsbach, where the business finally settled in 1964. Shortly afterwards, however, the continued growth of the business again meant an acute shortage of space. The existing residence had to undergo several conversions to utilize every square metre, with jobs outsourced to the local area. At the same time, a branch site for manufacturing precision resistors was set up in the town of Rastatt. And that’s how far the company had come by 1978; the cornerstone for today’s business premises had been laid. By 1979, the company was able to move into an excellent building, designed to be in harmony with the landscape. But even in the new premises the company was soon bursting at the seams.  So in 1988, further building work was undertaken, and today’s production facility was put into operation.

In Matthias Burster, the current company owner, the family found an able successor to continue running the business. He laid the foundations for his current position by studying Physics in Würzburg and in the USA before gaining experience with the company Robert Bosch in Germany and internationally. In 1990 he joined burster as the Marketing and Sales Manager. Then in 1994 he assumed additional responsibility for the Manufacturing and Development departments. He has managed to adapt the company steadily to the huge changes in the industry of the last 25 years, identifying and successfully developing new target markets and steering the business into the new millennium in a fit state. Following the trend towards automation, the company’s focus is now sharply on measurement technology and instrumentation in production. This has led to successful burster products such as the DIGIFORCE® process control unit, which lets burster provide its customers with complete instrumentation solutions from project planning right through to global service.

Across Germany and around the globe, burster serves more than 7500 customers from its branches in Italy, China and India and 50 international sales offices in major industrialized countries. burster’s innovative and experienced team provides these customers with intensive application support even before a decision to buy is made. Solving complex measurement problems and integrating measurement and test technology into production environments for production control, quality assurance and test-equipment monitoring are run-of-the mill tasks for this high-tech business.

burster supplies measuring technology ranging from individual sensors to system solutions, with most customers based in plant construction and engineering, automation, the automotive industry and its suppliers, electrical and electronic engineering and the chemicals industry. It also has a presence in numerous other sectors and future or niche markets such as medical engineering and biotechnology. In addition to standard product solutions, burster also provides custom OEM designs and OEM products. Many years of experience in the manufacture of measuring instruments and sensors guarantee optimum solutions. This has earned burster a national and international reputation for innovation geared to customers needs.

QA standards and tighter product liability regulations are leading to stricter demands for documented inspection of measurement and test equipment. Regular inspection of measurement and test equipment is essential here to ensuring dependable quality assurance. With ever greater demand for compliance with strictest quality requirements, the in-house German-accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory D‑K‑15141-01-00 uses traceable and continuously checked calibration standards to give the customer maximum confidence that these requirements are met.

Alongside setting high product quality standards, burster prides itself on creating an excellent and fair working environment, providing performance-related pay and ensuring staff share in the company’s success. Technically challenging projects with the freedom to assume personal responsibility and make decisions in a responsive environment foster an enthusiastic workforce of employees who enjoy their work. burster has been providing young people with solid and innovative training for more than 45 years. 75 apprentices have now benefited from this training and many still continue to work with burster to further the success of the business.

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