8631 Precision torque sensor

Robust, reliable, easy handling, highly accurate, extremely compact design, for static and quasi-static measurement (non-rotating)

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      • Features

        • Measurement ranges from 0 ... 5 N·m to 0 ... 200 N·m 
        • Linearity error from ≤ 0.1 % F.S.
        • Output signal ± 10 V / USB / mV/V
        • Tare function, filter and average values configurable
      • Product data

        Model 8631
        Principle Non-rotating
        Measuring range

        0 … ± 5 N·m
        0 … ± 10 N·m
        0 … ± 20 N·m
        0 … ± 50 N·m
        0 … ± 100 N·m
        0 … ± 200 N·m

        Signal output

        0 ... ±10 V incl. configuration USB
        0 ... ±10 V incl. USB configuring and measuring USB
        Standardized output signal (mV/V)
        Standardized output signal (mV/V) with TEDS

        Electrical connection 7 pins, Micro-USB (Option)
        Protection class IP40
        Range of operating temperature -20 °C ... +80 °C

        with integrated amplifier/USB
        -20 °C ... +60 °C
        Specific characteristics

        • Standardized output signal
        • Extremely compact design
      • Description

        This high-precision torque sensor is designed for both static and dynamic measurements on non-rotating parts. The 10mm diameter throughhole can be used to feed parts such as cables or Bowden cables through the sensor.

        The mounting flanges contain threaded holes and through-holes so that the sensor can be fitted at either end. With no rotating parts, this sensor needs no maintenance when used correctly. The modular design of this strain-gage sensor allows precise configuration for the desired application.

        With the integrated amplifier option, the sensor directly supplies a voltage signal of 0 ... ± 10 V that is proportional to the torque. The sensor can be configured via the micro-USB interface, providing access to, for example, a filter frequency setting, averaging, and a tare function. With the USB option, in addition to the voltage output, the measurement function is available via USB as well. The sensor comes with the DigiVision software for performing measurements and data archiving, with drivers additionally available e.g. for LabVIEW. Integration into custom software is possible via DLL. Examples can be found on our website www.burster.com.

        The burster TEDS option (electronic data sheet, memory chip with sensor-specific data) allows rapid configuration of compatible evaluation units (instrumentation amplifier, indicator, ...).

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        pdf Connecting cable 99594
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