86SD-T123 Hollow flange torque transducer with large internal borehole

  • Features

    • Measurement ranges from 0 ... 5 Nm to 0 ... 500 Nm
    • High linearity < 0.1 % F.S.
    • Minimum lateral sensitivity against external forces and torque in static operation
    • Very large through borehole
    • For static and dynamic applications
    • Output signal standardized
  • Product data

    Model 86SD-T123
    Measuring range

    0 ... 5 Nm
    0 ... 500 Nm

  • Description


    • Measurement of torque reaction on generators or pumps, where the rotational torque of the item under test is transmitted through the sensor centre
    • Static Measurement on drive shafts
    • Measurement of torque reaction on drives from aerospace industry
    • Torsion measurements on engine cases
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