Hinge Testing
Hinge Testing

Measuring the correct

torque/angle response in final testing of hinges.

100% quality and reliability are not negotiable

Making the invisible visible – DIGIFORCE® sees it all

Arriving at Fichter formtec in March-Buchheim, just outside Freiburg (Germany), it’s clear at first sight that this is a small but sophisticated mechanical engineering firm. Fichter formtec GmbH specialises in manufacturing machines for the cold forming of rotationally symmetrical parts.

Mass production has no place here. Bespoke work that meets customers’ special requirements is what Fichter formtec is all about. That they set to their task with the utmost precision becomes immediately apparent upon meeting founder and owner Otmar Fichter, who puts it like this: “Having emerged from Fichter Maschinenbau with decades of experience in conventional mechanical engineering, since 2010, at Fichter formtec, we have focused on manufacturing crimping units and rolling units, which are mainly used for the interlocking joining of parts and components such as sensors. But, in my opinion, the term ‘joining’ – or ‘crimping’ as the process is often called – is still too general. Read more ... 

NEW: DIGIFORCE® 9311 - the next generation

The new benchmark for economic quality controls.

DIGIFORCE® 9311 is the new standard for economic quality control from the measurement technology specialists at burster.
The pioneering force and displacement controller delivers rapid evaluation results when strict quality demands are coupled with high production rates. The intelligent performance and accessory features save setup time, simplify operation and ensureautonomous integration into modern production systems. This one-of-a-kind product gives companies more security regarding increasingly more complex production processes.

Read more about burster's DIGIFORCE® 9311  ...

Product of the month / Precision Torque Sensor 8625

Robust, reliable, easy handling, highly accurate, extremely compact design

This torque sensor is designed for both static and dynamic measurements on non-rotating applications. It is particularly suitable for torque measurements on, for instance, extremely small electrical actuating drives and micro mechanical actuator elements, but also for large reaction torques such as those occurring with extruders.

The high accuracy of measurement also makes this sensor ideal for use as a reference in many fields of industrial manufacture, or in laboratory research and development projects. Not containing any rotating parts, it requires no maintenance if properly used.

Read more about burster´s precision torque sensor model 8625 ...

Instrumentation. Service. And we mean service!

Service & Calibration

As manufacturer of complete measurement solutions, burster offers a high quality service package for your sensors and sensor signal processing systems plus your test, measurement and calibration equipment.

Which means you have access to over 50 years' experience in measurement engineering, from measuring physical properties to calibrating the finished system.

  • Als Hersteller von kompletten Messtechnik-Lösungen bietet burster Ihnen rund um Sensoren und Systeme zur Sensorsignalverarbeitung sowie Mess-, Prüf- und Kalibriergeräte ein hochwertiges Dienstleistungsangebot an. Sie greifen damit von der Kenngrößenermittlung bis zur Kalibrierung des fertigen Systems auf über 50 Jahre messtechnische Kompetenz zurück.
Our service components.
Your advantage.
From the start.
At every stage.


direct access to area
Service & Calibration  ....

At your service, sharing our expert knowledge to help make your measurement project a reality.

At your service, using our knowledge and specialized instrumentation to help you improve your systems and processes.

We aim to be able to deliver at all times so that you can receive your order as fast as possible.

At your service when you integrate our products mechanically and electrically in your facility.

At your service for application-specific training of your staff in how to use our products reliably.

As a German-accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory and manufacturer, we are at your service for calibration, testing and adjustment of your test and measurement equipment in accordance with relevant standards or your own requirements, either in our own laboratory or at your site.

At your service to check regularly that our products are working smoothly in your production facility.

At your service to repair your faulty equipment quickly, simply and with full price-transparency.

Telephone Support
At your service to provide telephone support when things go pear-shaped.

International Assistance & Support
burster products are applied worldwide. So you are right to expect also worldwide service for our products. In cooperation with our international partner network we support you on site exactly where our products work for you.

In following countries please get in touch directly with our international partners who will support you on-site or – if need be – will consult us as the case arises.  Here is your direct access to our International Partners  ....


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Testing the operation of electric-bike drives

After assembly, the electric-bike drives need testing for correct ...



Fast, precise, versatile

DIGIFORCE® from burster is the name people trust when they need comprehensive monitoring of press-fit, joining, riveting and calking processes or torque characteristics ...

OEM Sensors

Your Application + Our Solution = Your Success

Your sensor customized for your application, that's quite easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Check this out  ....


Integrate the CAD data for our sensors and several process instruments directly in your CAD construction system with just a few simple steps.
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