OEM sensors for Machine Manufacturers
OEM sensors for Machine Manufacturers

eg. for measuring the internal tool pressure

Measuring the internal pressure in hydraulically operated clamping tools

Sensor instrumentation for every application

Meaningful analysis of your sensor signals.

Without the correct signal amplification, post-processing, visualization, analysis and evaluation in the context of yourrequirements, sensor signals simply remain useless streams of data. The success of your process monitoring system ultimately depends on these signal processing steps.

Depending on the application and degree of automation, you are faced with issues of networking, speed, accuracy, interfacing, integration and economic viability. High performance and optimum utilization of your processes are essential if they are to meet future requirements reliably and flexibly.

Product of the Month / Tension & Compression Load Cell 8427

Compact and sturdy load cell for tension and compression loads

This low cost tension/compression load cell is an especially robust component, which can be easily integrated in a girder assembly between two cables or chains for measuring force. The standard model comes with internal thread, allowing any adapter parts, for instance eye brackets, to be fitted in the axis of symmetry. Alternatively, the optionally available adapters with external thread can be used for quick and easy screw-fitting into a threaded hole made for the purpose. The radial connection cable is extremely flexible and designed for a wide range of motion. In order to achieve the greatest possible stability for such a small sensor, making it suitable not only for the laboratory but also for industrial use, all parts have been welded together including the cable guide bush in the sensor housing.

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  • low cost zug druck kraftsensor 8427 burster low cost tension and compression load cell

Instrumentation amplifier 9250/9251

Experience the stunning performance of the new generation of amplifiers

  • Ready to use with any make of sensor for your
    measurement needs, manufacturer independent
  • Ultra-fast pushbutton configuration
  • Automatic sensor recognition due to burster TEDS
  • Expandable fieldbus interface via the bus controller
  • Supports Ethernet based fieldbuses as PROFINET,
    EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP oder I/O interface
  • Synchronous export of up to 8 measurement
    channels via the bus controller
  • Full measurement-data export facility
  • Suitable for force, pressure, displacement,
    rotational speed and torque measurements,
    including combined measurements
  • Tare facility via pushbutton or I/O signals
    for each 9250 amplifier
  • Up to two real-time signals/limit switches
    per amplifier module
  • Versatile configuration using DigiVision
    PC software via USB port
  • All configuration settings can be edited
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Space-saving design for control-cabinet mounting
  • Adjustable cut-off frequencies

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Supported sensors

Instrumentation. Service. And we mean service!

Service & Calibration

As manufacturer of complete measurement solutions, burster offers a high quality service package for your sensors and sensor signal processing systems plus your test, measurement and calibration equipment.

Which means you have access to over 50 years' experience in measurement engineering, from measuring physical properties to calibrating the finished system.

  • Als Hersteller von kompletten Messtechnik-Lösungen bietet burster Ihnen rund um Sensoren und Systeme zur Sensorsignalverarbeitung sowie Mess-, Prüf- und Kalibriergeräte ein hochwertiges Dienstleistungsangebot an. Sie greifen damit von der Kenngrößenermittlung bis zur Kalibrierung des fertigen Systems auf über 50 Jahre messtechnische Kompetenz zurück.
Our service components.
Your advantage.
From the start.
At every stage.


direct access to area
Service & Calibration  ....

At your service, sharing our expert knowledge to help make your measurement project a reality.

At your service, using our knowledge and specialized instrumentation to help you improve your systems and processes.

We aim to be able to deliver at all times so that you can receive your order as fast as possible.

At your service when you integrate our products mechanically and electrically in your facility.

At your service for application-specific training of your staff in how to use our products reliably.

As a German-accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory and manufacturer, we are at your service for calibration, testing and adjustment of your test and measurement equipment in accordance with relevant standards or your own requirements, either in our own laboratory or at your site.

At your service to check regularly that our products are working smoothly in your production facility.

At your service to repair your faulty equipment quickly, simply and with full price-transparency.

Telephone Support
At your service to provide telephone support when things go pear-shaped.

International Assistance & Support
burster products are applied worldwide. So you are right to expect also worldwide service for our products. In cooperation with our international partner network we support you on site exactly where our products work for you.

In following countries please get in touch directly with our international partners who will support you on-site or – if need be – will consult us as the case arises.  Here is your direct access to our International Partners  ....

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messverstärker verstärker 9250 9251 bus controller 8 messkanal kanal kraft druck weg drehzahl drehmoment modul dms poti prozesssignal analog inkrementell burster instrumentation amplifier amp 8 measurement channel channels force pressure displacement rotational speed torque profinet ethernet ip ethercat e/a schnittstelle i/o interface
Ground-breaking new product

The future world of automation presents users with challenges such as networking, speed, accuracy, integration and cost effectiveness. The latest generation of instrumentation amplifiers  ...

OEM Sensors

oem sensoren kundenspezifisch spezial modifiziert dms applikation angepasst lösung burster
Your Application + Our Solution = Your Success

Your sensor customized for your application, that's quite easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Check this out  ....


cad daten cad data traceparts download burster

Integrate the CAD data for our sensors and several process instruments directly in your CAD construction system with just a few simple steps.
This is how it works  ....

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