2383 Clamping device

Conductivity measurement in production of stranded aluminium power cables

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      • Features

        • Cut probe measurement of stranded aluminium
        • Works for pure or alloy aluminium
        • Stranded copper measurement with same clamping device
        • Control for foolproof measurement in the production process
        • Evaluation and data protocol recording PC software
      • Product data

        Model 2383

        1 ... 2500 mm2

      • Description


        The new challenge of measuring large cross section stranded probes

        • Fast oxidation and bad conductivity between different strands 
          > very high magnitude, reproducable and value controlled clamping force needed.
        • Even current distribution in conductor requires typically factor of 20 (length/diameter)
          > probe length 3 to 4 meters (typical for cross sections larger 500 mm2), and accordingly requirement for same length clamping device.
        • Wire entangling of cut probe
          > device to twist probe back to original condition.

        This is why we developed our new wire holding device model 2383. It will work compatible with the measurement equipment RESISTOMAT® 2304, which you might already use. Copper probes can be measured with the same clamping device, and if you already use our waterbath 2382, we can retrofit it. We want to make sure you get the right and most economical equipment.

        3 steps to get your quotation for the right equipment

        • Fill in measurement requirements right here and return your information to us. <link file:1719 file>Download file 
        • We will evaluate the most economic equipment for your application and make suggestions. Optional: You send probes of scope of wire, especially aluminium. We will evaluate to make sure you have the right equipment, and let you know what measurement results to expect.
        • Firm quotation.
        burster cable measurement lab

        • Full set of measurement equipment
        • Aluminium or copper measurements - stranded and single wire
        • Web based video conference via Skype available to participate in measurements and discuss the results.
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        burster System 2383 - The new generation of cable precision measurement

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        Clamping device for stranded copper cables, aluminium and copper wires

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        Wire 2016 Exhibition Video

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